Garden Island Lodge on Lady Evelyn Lake

Garden Island Lodge on Lady Evelyn Lake

Garden Island Lodge is a unique boat-in resort style all-inclusive American Plan lodge located on spectacular Lady Evelyn Lake where all your lodging accommodations, meals and boating needs are completely provided. But what if you prefer to bring your own boat? Well that's no problem either because we are just like having a remote fly-in fishing experience but in your own boat! Our beautiful picturesque island is surrounded by some of the world's finest trophy walleye, smallmouth bass and northern pike fishing imaginable due to our long standing encouragement of catch and release practices and the intelligent management of MNR possession limits.

There are only three fishing camps and just two American Plan fishing lodges on this massive lake. We want to be the one Lady Evelyn Lake lodge that caters to your next Northeastern Ontario fishing experience with our comfortable accommodations and our attentive staff. We will indulge your fondest fishing dreams at our boat-in lodge with far better rates than those extremely remote and more expensive back country locations. Oh yes, plus our walleye, smallmouth and pike fishing is always outstanding due to the fact we are located on one of the most beautiful and bountiful lakes in all of Ontario, Canada.

Check out this Fish N Canada video that was filmed this past fall at Lady Evelyn Lake with Angelo and Pete catching big smallmouth bass one after another while they were guests at Garden Island Lodge. Our owner (Mike) and his crew have been making many exciting upgrades around the camp. We are continually editing our website with new fishing information so please come back again and again! Thank you to everyone for your encouragement while we continue working on making your Garden Island Lodge experience even better than ever. If you have any questions please contact us by phone or by using our form on the Contact Page.

Lady Evelyn Lake Fishing

Nice Smallmouth Bass

Lady Evelyn Lake is a remote vacation gem located in Ontario's Near Northeastern Region. With 675 miles of shoreline and many islands on our 36 mile long lake it is sometimes possible to fish all day long and never see another boat. There are many areas of Lady Evelyn where the fish probably have never even seen a fishing lure! The three most sought after species of fish in Lady Evelyn are walleye, smallmouth bass and northern pike. Due to our crystal clear water and very effective catch, photo and release (CPR) conservation policies which have been adopted by all the lake's lodges, there will always be plenty of trophy fish available to be caught by Lady Evelyn anglers. Whether you are a young or old, novice or pro, you are going to find plenty of action and excitement to keep you busy when you visit our lodge. By the way, it's important to note that we are definitely located right in the center of the best fishing areas of the lake.

We are extremely proud of our guests' success while fishing here on Lady Evelyn. We provide our guests with a fishing map showing depths and contours, islands, shoals and some of the most popular nearby fishing spots. We also give new guests a quick tour to a few of those best nearby fishing areas that seem to always produce good catches. If you decide to keep a few fish for taking home just bring them to the dock in your boat's live well and give them to our dock staff. We will fillet, wrap and label your fish for the trip back home. We take a lot of pride in keeping our cabins, food and our fishing boats in tip top condition so that all our guests can expect an incredible Canadian fishing vacation.

(CPR) Catch, Photograph and Release

Please help us continue to make Garden Island Lodge the premier trophy fishing lodge in Ontario. We all want to consistently catch more and bigger fish! The best way to promote that on any lake is by encouraging anglers to consider Lady Evelyn as a CPR lake (Catch, Photograph and Release). With the cooperation of our wonderful guests we have been able to watch the fishing on Lady Evelyn Lake steadily increase over the past 20 years in both numbers caught and even the average size. We ask our guests to release their catch and then record their catches on our Big Fish Released Board. We will continue to reward releasing the trophy size catches with a custom award mug which can be proudly displayed at home or at work. If you desire to memorialize your catch with fish mount please just take a picture, measure the length and girth, and then get the satisfaction of carefully releasing your catch and ordering a perfect fiberglass replica. Fiberglass replicas are far more attractive than a skin mount and they will last forever. Check out Advanced Taxidermy for a beautiful realistic fish replica of your trophy catch.

Garden Island Fishing Boats

Garden Island guests are supplied with one of our modern fleet of Lund Rebel 16.5' fishing boats equipped with 25hp electric start engines. Our boats were all repowered in 2019 and then structurally rebuilt from the flooring up in 2020. Each boat is cleaned and refueled every evening in order to be prepared for your next morning's quest. Also each morning we warm up the motors and we dry the dew off the seats before you have even finished your breakfast at the lodge's dining room. We want to make catching your trophy walleye, smallmouth bass and northern pike the only thing you'll need to think about while you are here as our guests.

Guests can also bring their own fishing boat if so desired. Lady Evelyn Lake maintains an slick effective service providing a truck at the base of the dam that will transport your boat up onto to the lake above the dam. Please call or email us for complete instructions about bringing your own boat. We are currently working on a separate website page with pictures and full instructions including directions for the trip to our island.

Garden Island provides Lund Rebel boats.

Getting Here

Garden Island Lodge is located on Lady Evelyn Lake approximately 90 miles north of North Bay in Northeastern Ontario. We are positioned on a remote island on the main lake and we are considered both boat-in and fly-in lodge. But don't be concerned about whether or not our lodge is hard to get to. Guests simply drive to Mowatt Landing (Mowatt Landing to Garden Island) and we take over and start your American Plan all-inclusive package from there! We cater to fishermen and families of all skill levels. Whether you are an expert pro fisherman or a complete novice we provide a Great North Ontario fishing experience that you will remember always and eagerly anticipate your next yearly visit. Many of our guests make their reservations for the next year before they even leave from the current year's vacation. Come to Garden Island for the fishing ..... leave with memories you will cherish always!

Our Comfortable Accommodations

Garden Island is an All-Included American Plan lodge. Our nine cabins are scattered around the island and all are within walking distance of the docks and the main lodge and dining room. We serve a hearty breakfast in the dining room from between 7 and 8 am each morning where guests can choose their breakfast from a small menu and we have a chef prepared wholesome dinner at 5pm. We will also provide a packed lunch to pick up after breakfast or you can opt for us to prepare and place a shore lunch kit complete with fish filets in your boat before you set out in the morning. We maintain a trained hospitality staff of approximately seven people to serve your every needs.

Our nine cabins have various bed capacities and each has three piece baths. Our cabins have clean hot and cold potable running water, propane heaters and refrigerators. We can accommodate groups of two guests all the way up to corporate outings of thirty guests. Please call for more information on any specific cabin needs. Read more about what Ontario American Plan lodges have to offer in our article.

High speed internet is available through our satellite system on the island with limited coverage. We have plans to also make wifi available at the main lodge in the near future.

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