Ontario Outdoor Card & Possession Limits

In order to fish or hunt in Ontario you will need to purchase an Ontario Outdoor Card. Garden Island Lodge does not sell fishing licenses or Outdoor Cards so these will need to be purchased before arrival. An Outdoor Card is a wallet sized plastic identification card issued by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry that allows you to hunt or fish.

An Outdoor Card currently costs $8.57 CA and is good for three calendar years. It is required for all Ontario residents, Canadian residents and non-residents. Your card is sent by mail but if you wait to purchase it too close to your trip date you will be able to print out a copy of your purchase summary. Note, the summary of purchase for both your Outdoor Card and your fishing license must be carried at all times when you are on the water.

Ontario Outdoor Card

Ontario Fishing License

Fishing licenses are available for different durations, including one day, eight days, one calendar year or three calendar years. After purchasing your Ontario Outdoor Card you will have a choice between two types of fishing licenses:

  • Sport Fishing License, which includes full catch-and-possession fishing privileges
  • Conservation Fishing License, which includes reduced catch-and-possession limits. This is ideal for anglers who want to release the majority of fish they catch.

Normally Outdoor Cards and fishing licenses are readily available at tackle stores and many other locations through the ServiceOntario network but during Covid-19 restrictions many of these Service Online Locations are not providing this service. Currently Ontario is requesting that people order their Outdoor Cards and fishing licenses online whenever possible.

2021/2022 Outdoor Card and License Fees (Canadian Funds)

Outdoor Card$8.57
Three Year Sportfishing License$79.71
Three Year Conservation License $45.21
One Year Sportfishing License $26.57
One Year Conservation License $15.07
1-Day Sportfishing License (you do not need an Outdoors Card) $12.21
Licenses are per calendar year. $12.21

We are in Management Zone 11. The rules for the size and legal number of fish you can catch and keep, and how to properly return fish to the water. One rule that is often misunderstood is allowable daily limits. If you have a Conservation Fishing License and you already have kept and prepared two legal walleye for the trip home you are no longer allowed to continue to fish for walleye. If you catch a walleye by accident, you are expected to release it immediately and relocate to another area and use a different fishing method.

Garden Island Lodge heavily promotes catch and release. Please help us keep Lady Evelyn Lake the most productive fishery in Northeast Ontario so you will be able to come back and enjoy it here for many years to come. Catch and release fishing is good for the fish and good for the angler, for many reasons:

  • no lake has a limitless supply of fish
  • reduces the effects of fishing pressure
  • improves angling success for future fishing trips
  • extends fishing when anglers have caught their limi
  • allows larger fish to spawn again and be caught again

Current Fish Possession Limits For 2021/2022

  • Walleye Limits: Sportfishing-4 and Conservation-2; none between 43-60 cm (16.9291 inches to 23.622 inches), not more than 1 greater than 60 cm (23.622 inches)
  • Smallmouth Bass Limits: Sportfishing-6 and Conservation-2 any length
  • Northern Pike Limits: Sportfishing-6; not more than 2 greater than 61 cm (24.0157 inches), of which not more than 1 is greater than 86 cm (33.8583 inches) and Conservation-2; not more than 1 greater than 61 cm (24.0157 inches), none greater than 86 cm (33.8583 inches)
  • Lake Trout Limits: Sportfishing-2; not more than 1 greater than 40 cm (15.748 inches), and Conservation-1 any length
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