Mowatt Landing to Garden Island Lodge

Since Garden Island Lodge is located on a remote island we are considered by most guests as a boat-in lodge. (we can also accommodate fly-in guests) One of the first questions for anyone considering us for their vacation is likely to be, "Just how difficult is it going to be for us the get there?" We have been in business catering to anglers since 1948. We believe that we have the process of getting you here nearly perfected!

On the Friday before their reservations most of our guests will drive to one of the nearby cities to spend the night. We pick up our guests at 9am every Saturday morning during the season. There are several motels in these areas. However because all lodges on Lady Evelyn Lake pick up their guests throughout each Saturday morning, it is a good idea to make your motel reservation for the preceding Friday evenings as early as possible.

Distances from each city to Mowatt Landing;

  • Haileybury - 19 miles (30.5 km)
  • New Liskeard - 20 miles (32 km)
  • Cobalt - 24 miles (38 km)
  • Latchford - 24 miles (38 km)
  • Temagami - 44 miles (70 km)

Mowatt Map

The road from Hwy. 11 to Mowatt Landing starts out paved and then becomes gravel about half way. At the end of the road you will arrive at Mowatt Landing and find many cars and trucks that belong to guests visiting other lodges parked on each side. On the right just before the boat ramp you will see a sign for "Secure Parking" which is free for our Garden Island guests. However, you may want to drive down the ramp to the docks to unload your luggage and fishing gear first. Keep in mind that all throughout Saturday mornings the lodges have agreed on staggered drop-off and pickup times so there is going to be some temporary congestion of loading and unloading folks on the ramp. Please plan to arrive early and be patient for your turn.

Mowatt Landing Pick Up Dock.
Stanley custom made flattop luggage boat.
Creatliner Cruiser peopl carrying boat.

Once you have unloaded your luggage and fishing gear you can turn into where it says "Secure Parking" and you will be met by Trevor. Please tell him you are a guest of Garden Island and he will direct you to a parking spot. Put your keys in your most secure pocket! You don't want them dropping out of a pocket somewhere during your trip to the island and your cabin. Occasionally someone will forget something they desperately need in their car. Please don't! But if you do we have no choice but to charge a fee for additional trips from the island back to the parking area. We have even had guests ask for an emergency trip back to their car and then forget their car keys that they placed in their luggage.

We try to have your luggage and fishing gear loaded and covered on our custom designed stainless steel Stanley flattop boat, which is basically a high-speed barge headed for the short trip to the dam by 10am. You and the other guests will be loaded onto an open flat bottom barge that has nothing but life jackets in a pile. Note: at this point you are separated from your luggage. If for example you need a jacket or raingear it would have been a good idea to have held on to some sort of small carry on bag so you would have those items for emergency need.

Tip: Although we try to throw a cover over the items in the luggage boat, if it is raining hard those items may get wet unless packed in waterproof containers. Many guests have learned over the years not to use standard suitcases for these trips. 60 quart storage tote bins with latching handles make a good stackable waterproof method for transport to the lodge. Please tape your name on all of your items so that we can deliver them to the proper cabins.

After a short fifteen minute ride on the barge we arrive at a dock at the base of the dam. Your luggage and gear will be transported over the dam on a flatbed truck. We will all hike 100 yards on a graveled drive to our transport boats docked on the lake. Important note, if you are tired or have physical challenges please let us know and we will be glad to drive you up to the top of the dam by pickup truck. From there it is going to be a 15 mile scenic boat ride to the island on our comfortable Crestliner Cruise Boat or our Stanley Cruise Boat.

Once we arrive at the island guests are shown to their cabins and their luggage is delivered for them by our crew. We'll have a short orientation talk and a buffet lunch in the dining room.

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