Lady Evelyn Lake Fishing Maps

All of our guests are provided with a Lady Evelyn Lake fishing map during their orientation. This map points out some of the better known fishing spots and also some of the more obvious hazards to avoid. Our hand-drawn map has been used here at Garden Island for several years and is by no means intended for navigation.

Please use common sense if you aren't extremely familiar with the areas you are boating through. Slow down and watch your depth finder for sudden depth changes. A broken or bent prop can ruin an entire day's fishing while waiting for someone to tow you back to the lodge and so can being ejected from a moving boat! We value each and every guest so please always wear your life jackets whenever the big motor is in operation.

Two different companies have SD card fishing maps available for Lady Evelyn Lake - (Navionics Canada and Lakemaster Ontario.) Neither of these cards have high definition charts for Lady Evelyn and last time I checked they were the same information for Lady Evelyn on both cards. This information is almost identical to the fishing maps we hand out here at the lodge. However having an SD card with the basic lake information is nice when using your own depth finder (especially when working with waypoints and tracking). The newest Humminbird units have something called AutoChart so that you can literally do your own mapping and locate every small detail that is missing on these SD cards.

Enjoy a Fishing Advantage on Lady Evelyn Lake

Get to know Lady Evelyn Lake before you arrive. Navionics offers a free online version of all their maps so that you can see what you're buying before you purchase their SD card. You will be able to locate humps, shallow bars, bays, islands and many other features. You can even plot out distances and plan a "milk run" to make better use of your time on the water.

There is a button in the lower left corner that allows the user to switch between a basic chart with 5 ft. contour lines and the Sonar Chart version with 1' contours. Another feature of the online map that can be very helpful is called "Safety Depth" where users can shade all water shallower than a specific depth down to 60 ft. With this feature you will be able to highlight points and slowly tapering points that fall to a certain depth that has been most effective for you.

Click on either map to visit the free Navionics viewer.

Special Note: You can also get a satellite view of Lady Evelyn Lake by downloading Google Earth Pro on your PC. The most recent satellite view shows several underwater shallow bars, feeder streams and many small lakes within walking distance of the shoreline. It also has tools to measure distances, save GPS lat-long coordinates and even add markers to interesting spots.

Click here or on the image to download Google Earth Pro for your PC.

Lady Evelyn Names Map
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