What To Bring

Due to the unique location of Garden Island, it is necessary for your equipment to be handled several times during the trip to the island from Mowatt Landing. To keep your gear to a minimum we supply landing nets, bait containers, anchors, life jackets, cooking equipment for shore lunches, bedding, swivel seats in the boats, fish finders, and many other items. We also have a number of deep cycle batteries for use with your own trolling motors or other equipment at $15.00 per week (we don't rent trolling motors). We recommend you reserve one of our batteries rather than lugging yours all the way up here.

Please pack your gear so that it can be handled easily. Our repeat guests use sturdy boxes, suit cases and gunny sacks for their gear. Please pack small items in containers. PLEASE USE ROD CASES (cardboard tubes from a carpet store work). We ask our guests to order their beverages from us early so that we can transport them to the island on grocery day. That way we can have them in your fridge when you arrive. If you bring your own beverages, do not bring beer in glass bottles (cans ONLY please). Avoid bringing glass bottles (cans or plastic bottles ONLY please).

Click to open .pdf page with printable list of things to bring. Please print and distribute this list to all members of your party.

The cabins are equipped to run small 110 volt appliances, coffee makers are already provided.

Please note: Tell us before hand if any member of your party is on a special diet (low cholesterol, salt free, no eggs or dairy, no pork, etc.) Please let us know well in advance of your arrival. We can usually cater to your special needs if we know well in advance.

Cash, bank drafts or Traveler's Checks only upon arrival at camp please.

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