What is an Ontario American Plan Full Service Lodge?

Would you like to impress your wife and children with your thoughtfulness and still get to go fishing until your arms ache all on the same fishing trip? Sell your family on the idea of a "full service" vacation at an Ontario American Plan lodge like Garden Island. Your family gets to sit back and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of a remote island lodge while you all get to experience the fishing trip of a lifetime. It all starts from the moment you arrive at Mowatt Landing with your luggage and fishing gear. From that point on everything in your Northeastern Ontario outdoor adventure has been carefully planned, catered and provided. We employ an attentive Garden Island staff that's here to make your week the finest enjoyable stress free fish catching vacation you and your family have ever experienced.

An American Plan vacation is much easier to budget because you will know the exact prices right up front. Knowing in advance what everything is going to cost will help you stay within your means. Since meals are included you will spend more time fishing and sightseeing because you aren't burdened with worrying about where the next meal is coming from. A hearty chef prepared breakfast, bagged or shore lunch and then a large home cooked dinner and desert with your choice of drinks all included in one price guarantees both you and your family will all be more than just satisfied.

Jennalee's children sitting for a picture during their American Plan fishing vacation.

Docks and Boat Storage Building.

Everything is Pre-Planned Starting When You Arrive!

Our all-inclusive American Plan full service vacation is the only plan we offer at Garden Island! Our American Plan includes even more conveniences than the other "drive-to" and "fly-in" Ontario lodges. You'll immediately realize we are not a run-of-the-mill American Plan Ontario lodge when you pull your vehicle into our pre-arranged free secure parking area inside a gated lot which has been already reserved for our customers at Mowatt Landing. Getting to our remote island location is quick and easy because we include fast and convenient water transportation to and from our lodge which eliminates the added expense of a flight and the severe weight restrictions associated with fly-in fishing trips.

Youngster holding up two very nice Lady Evelyn Lake smallmouth bass.

Fishing on an American Plan

When you start shopping for the best vacation choice, remember that not all American Plan Ontario lodges are going to be the same. The things that are included in the rate plans will vary greatly from lodge to lodge. The price may look similar between lodges but many of the things that come standard in our Garden Island package are going to be extra add-ons at another lodge. A good example would be the boats provided. Other Ontario walleye lodges might provide a small standard fishing boat with no swivel seats and/or a pull start outboard within their American Plan package. Since no one really wants to deal with an ill equipped boat the lodge also offers two or three different levels of deluxe boats at an added cost of course. Often times even the fuel uses is added to the bill! With our Garden Island American Plan package the boats that we provide are all upgraded deluxe models. We provide well maintained Lund Stalker models with newer electric start outboard motors. Our boats are always topped off with gas by our congenial crew each and every evening. This sort of exceptional service is always included in our American Plan rate.

Another extra at other American Plan lodges is even your bait. Who wants to be on the water catching one walleye after another and run out of live bait? It's very hard to budget a vacation trip when you have no idea whether or not having a good fishing experience is going to cost you a small fortune in additional bait every day. At Garden Island each guest's bait container is checked and refilled every time the boat returns to the dock. We believe that this kind of service should always be included and expected at any top quality lodge like ours.

Our Great American Plan breakfast.

Meals on the American Plan

What about the meals? Always an important part of any all-inclusive plan is going to be the meals that are provided. No one wants to bring their family to a remote Ontario location just to eat prison food for a week! Ontario is known for having some of very best professional chefs in the world specializing in full course home cooked meals served in a sparkling clean dining area with a wide open view of the great outdoors. Garden Island has a uniquely perfect outdoor setting and a top quality professional staff to provide an exceptional dining experience for your family's vacation. Here at Garden Island, we are committed to never cut corners in our American Plan packages so that we can proudly boast that we always provide the full service vacation that you have been looking for your family.

Garden Island American Plan Lodge.

Ontario Lodge Accommodations on the American Plan

An important consideration will always be the accommodations at American Plan fishing lodges because it will vary greatly. Face it, if a lodge is spending a lot of their own money to provide big city luxurious accommodations you probably should be a little suspicious about the fishing. The outstanding fishing at a remote location, especially a fly-in cabin or island lodge, is probably going to come with a bit of a trade off in the luxuries offered. Don't forget that here in northern Canada the average fishing season is just 14 or 15 weeks. That means that for 37 weeks a lodges facilities are also subject to the same fierce remote Canadian elements that attracted you to the fishing opportunities we offer.

Our American Plan is nothing fancy but it includes a clean cabin with hot and cold running water, flushable inside toilets, heat, clean beds and 24 hour electricity. We also provide room service in the the cabins daily. We are the first to admit that we don't provide five star luxury accommodations but we believe our fishing guests prefer it this way. Currently there are many Ontario American Plan lodges charging several hundred dollars more but who really wants or needs that kind of expensive accommodatons in a remote fishing vacation?

The most important part of an Ontario American Plan vacation is almost always going to be the fishing. Of course, we have that covered on Lady Evelyn Lake with some of the finest fishing in Northeast Ontario. In our opinion an American Plan vacation should include everything. Our only extras are an item or two some guests prefer to have a choice, like outboard insurance. Here at Garden Island we make every effort to provide a care free all included fishing vacation that rivals the most expensive fly-in packages for overall experience but at the very best affordable rates.

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